Apple Maps And Angela Ahrendts: Big Wins For The Company?

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In recent reports Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Maps application has finally begun to gain traction among iOS users. The company reported that in September its user base for Apple Maps had grown to 35 million users. Meanwhile, Apple Maps’ nemesis, Google Maps, lost 22 million subscribers, dropping from 81 million to 59 million.

While some people may argue that these figures have no true bearing on the company, the fact remains that the numbers are a powerful indicator of how much sway Apple holds over iOS users. The original Apple Maps application was a complete flop, with entire cities in the wrong locations and poor 3D rendering. It ended up with Tim Cook issuing a public apology and encouraging iOS users to utilize Google Maps. However, just a year later, the application now has 35 million users, while Google has dropped 22 million. Coincidence? No.

Former Burberry Group CEO New Head Of Apple Retail

Apple is being proactive in terms of keeping its finger on the pulse of its retail market. In fact, as Wall Street Insanity reported earlier this year, a new head of retail marketing will take her place at the company next year.

Angela Ahrendts is the former CEO of the Burberry Group, and has had a stellar career with the British firm. In fact, she was listed number 4 on the Fortune Businessperson of the Year list. Number 4 might not seem like a major achievement, except that she placed higher than Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO and her future boss.

While some men might feel intimidated by being beaten out in the position for Fortune’s listing, this actually just reinforces the fact that Tim Cook made an excellent choice when he selected Ahrendts for the job. Cook voiced his own opinion of Ahrendts, saying she is the “best person in the world for this role.” She will be handling both online and offline retail operations, which means that both Apple’s website and its retail stores will be in her direct control.

It will be interesting to see how this affects Apple’s revenue next year, as Angela Ahrendts seems to have the “Midas Touch” when it comes to management.

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