Apple Rumored To Have Two New iPhones Released This Fall

Image via unsplash/Alejandro Escamilla

Since the iPhone debuted in 2007, Apple has maintained a steady record of announcing a new model once a year. This year, however, is rumored to have a break in that flow with the rumored upcoming launch of two new iPhone models.

One of these models is the anticipated iPhone 5S, while the other is a cheaper, low-end version of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone Light, iPhone Mini or iPhone 6. Apple has already announced the Fall release of the new iOs 7 platform and what features users can expect from it.

International Business Times predicts that CEO Tim Cook will stick to Steve Jobs tried and true method of timeframe and distribution. If the launch of the iOs 6 came exactly 100 days after its June 11th announcement, the release of the iOs would also be 100 days after its announcement, which would be September 18th.  IBT predicts the 5S will come just two days after the iOS 7 release. The low-end version would follow shorty after.

The low-end iPhone is rumored to be available in an array of different colors in a plastic shell. The device could cost as little as $99, according to Bloomberg, but rumors that this would be accomplished using older iPhone software were quickly shot down.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller told the Shanghai News that Apple would only make “the best products” and “not push a cheaper smartphone for the sake of market share.”

If predications are in line, this will be the first time Apple releases two handsets at the same time, both arriving in time for the iOs 7 rollout.

The 5S will not change much from its predecessor, but will have a few cosmetic changes.

“Apple has reportedly adopted dual-LED flash for its rear-facing camera, which means that circular flash is now pill-shaped, and many believe the iPhone 5S camera has been improved from the 8-megapixels in the iPhone 5, likely to 12-megapixels,” reports IBT. “Photos leaked to Apple news site MacRumors in mid-June claiming to be the iPhone 5S, which show off some of these reported features as well as unique identifiers related to the iPhone 5S components, lead us to believe the iPhone 5S photos are indeed legitimate and the phone is preparing for its September release date.”

IBT also said of the iPhone 5S,“The biggest new feature inside the iPhone 5S, by all accounts, is said to be the integrated fingerprint sensor embedded directly in the “home” button, which will likely replace the need for entering usernames and passwords again and again on your phone.”

The Fall season is already looking to be huge for Apple.