Here’s How You Can Get Into The Art Investing Game Without Being A Billionaire

Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

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Diversification is one of the most basic principles of smart investing. This not only includes the assets you invest in but also the markets where you invest. Beyond the stock market, smart investors often invest in areas like real estate and even fine art.

Although contemporary art has consistently outperformed even the S&P 500 since 1995, there hasn’t been a way for the average person to invest in art. Traditionally, this is a market that has been reserved for the ultra-rich — those with big budgets and loads of cash on hand.

But today, being super rich is no longer a barrier to investing in fine art. Masterworks is a company that allows the everyday investor to purchase shares in blue-chip artwork on any budget. What’s more, Masterworks does all of the difficult research and acquisition work, so you don’t have to do anything other than invest your money and wait for it to grow.

Finally Invest in Blue-Chip Artwork on Virtually Any Budget

Don’t have thousands of dollars lying around? No problem. Masterworks allows you to invest in multimillion-dollar paintings by purchasing fractional shares.

There’s no minimum investment required and shares start as low as $20, so virtually anyone can invest using this platform.

Here’s how it all works. Masterworks’ research team carefully explores markets and monitors pieces of art that are gaining the most momentum. Their acquisition team then purchases the most promising pieces. Masterworks then makes fractional shares of those pieces available to people just like you.

This is where you come in. First, sign up for Masterworks (you can now skip the waitlist). After telling Masterworks a little about yourself and your financial goals, the company will curate a portfolio of artwork that is tailored to you. Choose the pieces of art and number of fractional shares that you want.

Then, sit back and relax as Masterworks waits for the artwork to potentially increase in value. Once they sell a piece, you will get your share of the earnings. And get this — if you ever want to cash out early, you can look to sell your shares to other users on the secondary market.

Skip the Waitlist and Become a Fine Art Investor Today

Since 2018, Masterworks has acquired more than 130 assets valued at over $500 million, and has delivered an annualized appreciation rate of 15.3% (net of fees) between September 2019 and June 30, 2022.

Join a group of 500,000 registered members and sign up for Masterworks today. As we’re allowing you to skip the waitlist, you can join this exclusive community and start investing in fine art right away!