Ask This Website To Lower Your Student Loan Bill, Seriously

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If you could shave $5,000 off your student loans with one simple move, would you do it? What if you could save $10,000? What about $20,000, or more?

It’s no secret that the longer your repayment terms are and the higher your interest rate, the more money you’re going to pay. Perhaps you’ve already made the mistake of locking yourself in to a bad loan. But it’s not too late to fix that.

Through refinancing, you can replace your high-interest federal and private student loans with a loan that has a lower interest rate and/or better terms. When your new lender pays off your current student loans, you’re left with a single loan and potentially no payment due that month.

And with Credible, student loan refinancing is a breeze. In as little as one business day, you may be able to get a brand new loan that potentially saves you thousands of dollars in interest fees.

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Do You Know What You’re Up Against?

Say you’re carrying $30,000 in total student loan debt. With an average interest rate of 7% and roughly a 10-year term, you can expect to pay well over $11,000 in interest fees alone. And that’s without even factoring in loan fees!

And of course, the larger your debt and the longer your terms, the more you’re going to pay in interest fees.

So, if you have $60,000 in student loan debt across 20-year terms, you’re looking at more than $51,000 in interest fees alone — causing you to pay close to double the amount you initially borrowed!

If you’re $100,000 deep in student loan debt that you plan to repay over the next 20 years, you could easily end up paying over $86,000 in interest fees. For many, that’s enough to keep them enslaved to student loan debt forever.

In refinancing your student loans through Credible, however, you may be able to lock in a fixed interest rate that is less than half your original rate. In this case, total interest fees would drop to just over $33,000.

That’s roughly $53,000 you just saved!

How Can I Refinance My Student Loans Through Credible?

While refinancing may sound tricky, Credible makes it easy.

Check your refinancing rates in just two minutes by filling out a short form. In doing this, you’ll receive potential offers from up to 10 lenders.

With all of your options in one place, you’ll be able to compare terms and rates.

Credible does not charge any fees for using their service. Furthermore, the site uses 256-bit encryption and SSL technology to protect your data.

The entire process of refinancing your student loans may take as little as a day to complete. If you need assistance at any point, Credible’s expert Client Success team is available and ready to help.

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