Aussie McDonald’s Franchise Offering Table Service, Cutlery, Plates

Aussie McDonald’s Franchise Offering Table Service, Cutlery, Plates


Imagine dining at McDonald's on actual dishes with actual flatware. Weird, right? The concept may soon become the norm Down Under as innovative Warilla franchise owners Glenn and Katia Dwarte have received permission from McDonald’s international headquarters to not only change their iconic signs to Macca’s—Aussie slang for McDonald’s—but also offer table service, complete with a server, metal flatware and crockery. Even soft drinks are served in glassware.

The Dwartes unusual idea started simple: They served their parents using cutlery during their weekly visits to the burger joint. But when other customers noticed the cutlery and requested similar service, an idea was born.

Most of the people who came in decided to try it,” Katia Dwarte said. “Most were quite excited. We actually had a group of eight people who me to take a photo of them so they could put it on Facebook. We are also providing customer surveys to we can gauge the feedback.

The Dwartes pitched the concept to McDonald’s Australia's chief executive Catriona Noble during her December visit to the franchise, and received permission to conduct a test run of the service. Each Monday and Tuesday for the next month, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. any customer who orders a Grand Angus, Big Mac or Chicken Deluxe will have the option of table service.

The Dwartes have proven themselves pioneering franchisees in other areas, as well. They already offer an app that allows customers to both order and pay for their food before even arriving to the restaurant. According to Catriona Dwarte, McDonald’s corporate staff traveled from around the world to try out the app-ordering service.

They are quite keen to see if this will take off,” she said.

[Image via Flickr/Jason Bagley]

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