Ryan Mallory is the founder of SharePlanner Inc., a financial website established in 2006 with the goal of providing a real-time trade environment that allows readers to benefit from his trading setups, risk mitigation strategies, trading transparency, watch-lists, investor education and stock screens for all types of market conditions. He also hosts a premium service (The Splash Zone) for traders to trade alongside of him with real-time trade alerts via chat-room, text message and email notifications.

Having served as an intern in the United States Senate during his college years and jobs of all types thereafter, Mallory started part-time trading while holding down a successful job in corporate America with the ultimate goal of becoming a full-time trader. After shedding the restraints that his job placed upon his trading, and fulfilling the dream of becoming a full-time trader, Mallory would go on to cofound SharePlanner.com.

Mallory is the author of “The Part-Time Trader” and received a BA from the University of Central Florida and earned an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

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