Baby Discovers Eyebrows For The First Time, And His Joy Is Absolutely Contagious (Video)

Isn’t it a shame that we can’t remember the pure, unadulterated joy we felt during the most normal moments as babies? Really though, life as a baby might have been the most exciting time of our lives, and there’s not a memory to be found of those many eureka moments.

Discovering your body is one of the most interesting things you can do as a baby. And it doesn’t always have to be your privates that are fascinating!

Take Baby Leon, for instance: He just discovered the use of his eyebrows. Who knew that your face could look so different by moving these squiggly lines of hair? Who knew you could even move those squiggly lines of hair?!

Ah, the joy of learning your body. You won’t be able to contain yourself at how joyous this moment of discovery is for Leon, when you see how ridiculously happy he is just learning that, yes, he can move those eyebrows.