Bacon-Wrapped Alligator With Whole Chicken In Its Mouth Is A Sight You Can’t Unsee

Image via Twitter/ alixmcalpine

There are freak shows, and there are FREAK shows. Sometimes there are things in this world that you just wish you could unsee, and a bacon-wrapped alligator with a whole chicken in its mouth might very well fall under that category. (But there’s a picture below for you, anyway).

Creative Manager at BuzzFeed, Alix McAlpine, Tweeted out disturbing photo of said alligator from her account last Thursday with a caption that simply said, “Australia”.

We’re not even sure what you’re supposed to call this beastly meat and what kind of cuisine this is, but the photo definitely looks like the alligator is on some sort of grill being cooked to tasty perfection…?