‘Bang With Friends’ App Helps Hook Up Facebook Friends

‘Bang With Friends’ App Helps Hook Up Facebook Friends


Do you have Facebook friends with benefits? Do you want some? You may already have willing chums, you just don’t know who they are yet. The Bang With Friends app solves that problem. It helps users “anonymously find friends who are down for the night” by matching users that indicate a mutual attraction.

Once users sign in to Bang With Friends, they merely pick the friends they would be interested in doing the deed with. The choices will remain anonymous unless it’s a mutual attraction. When there’s a match, Bang With Friends sends each party an email, setting the stage for sparks to fly.

From there, it’s up to the users to kindle the fire.

Although the app promises anonymity, as with other Facebook apps, when a user initially signs up to the service, a screen appears asking permission—it also shows which friends are already using the app, a sure giveaway of what friends are on the creep for some Facebook action.

So who’s out there looking to hook up with their Facebook friends? Not many, it appears, as the app currently boasts only about 2,500 users. Do you want to be the first and only person in your circle to look like you’re on Facebook prowling around for a quick coupling? Ew.

[Image via Bang With Friends]

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