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Mensch On A Bench Sits On More Shelves This Holiday Season

The Elf on the Shelf might need to scoot over a little bit more this coming holiday season. It’s time …

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The Roommate Search Revisited: Roomi Shakes Up The Co-Living Scene

Most people who move to New York City from another country would probably want to return home after having all …

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7 Surprising Stats About Modern Startups

What constitutes a startup? Who runs them? What causes most startups to go south? What factors matter the most during …

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These Color-Changing Flowers Can Be Watered With Beer

Have you ever wished that you had the power to control Mother Nature, waving your arms like Mickey Mouse in …

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New ‘Heat Map’ Microwave Concept Displays Exactly How Hot Your Food Is (Video)

Anyone who’s ever suffered from the terrible fate of a half-frozen Hot Pocket or a scorched mouth due to melted …

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New Bathroom-Finding App Helps You Figure Out Where To Pee

If you’re ever in an unfamiliar city and need to go to the bathroom, worry no longer — Airpnp is …

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New Strings App Lets You Take Back Texts

It’s not even necessary to ask if you’ve ever sent an embarrassing text you wished you could take back, because …

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The Mensch On A Bench Is What Every Jewish Home Never Knew It Needed For Hanukkah

Not into the whole terrifying, apple-cheeked Elf on the Shelf scene? Neal Hoffman has a solution for you: The Mensch …

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