Barack Obama Not Allowed iPhone For ‘Security Reasons’

Image via spirit of america/Shutterstock

Blackberry has one faithful customer that Apple will not be taking away any time soon, and that one customer could very well be holding some of the most important conversations in the world. President Barack Obama has stated that he is not allowed to have an iPhone due to “security reasons.” This could seem more than a little odd, considering he is the president of the United States, and could be setting the trends for the rest of the country. However, Blackberry, although almost defunct in terms of market share, is perhaps the most secure device on the face of the Earth.

Apple Inc. is one of several large companies that allegedly provided direct access to their servers that housed user data to the NSA. This was revealed by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden. However, the companies deny that the access was ever granted.

President Obama managed to hang on to his Blackberry when he came to the White House in 2009. However, he has stated that only 10 people have his personal email address. This is a sharp contrast from the previous two office holders, as neither George W. Bush, nor Bill Clinton utilized email as a means of communication for their presidency.

Blackberry once dominated the market of PDAs and on the go email devices. However, with the advent of the iPhone and the subsequent rise of other smartphone makers, such as Samsung, Blackberry slipped into the back of the pack. Now, the company is struggling to make a turnaround, after firing its CEO and several other top executives.

Apple, on the other hand, is flourishing in the mobile market. According to the latest research the iPad and iPhone are still hot products for holiday shoppers this year. So, whether the president uses the iPhone or not, a large percentage of Americans will continue to be devoted fans.

The bottom line is that while Blackberry may be able to keep Apple out of the White House, it may not be able to keep itself out of the poor house… time will tell.