Bill Tull’s Money Saving Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Video)

bill tulls budget fathers day tips

In this economy, when a lot of folks can hardly afford to keep up with rent and feed themselves properly, thinking of gifts to buy during holidays is becoming increasingly painful.

Thankfully the folks at Team Coco has given us some great ideas on how to shop for Father’s Day on a tight budget. And by great ideas I mean hilarious tips you probably shouldn’t actually try at home.

Propmaster Bill Tull continuously delivers great quips like:

“Take a dollar bill. Write Home Depot on it. Boom gift card!” or “Take a corndog, stick it in a flowerpot. Boom edible arrangement!”

The gags get more and more ridiculous, ending with a fat man jumping up and down next to a folding chair and proclaiming that we’ve now created a massage chair.

Some of these ideas might actually be good gag gifts, but if you actually do use these ideas, please follow through with an actual gift and a nice card. Fathers deserve more than just a gag and a few minutes of laughter on their special day.