Black Diamond Marks World’s Most Expensive iPhone 5 At $15 Million

Image via Stuart Hughes

One Hong Kong businessman, referred to only as “Joe,” never has to worry about the home button wearing out on his new iPhone 5. That’s because it’s made of a single, 26-carat deep-cup black diamond worth $14.5 million. The diamond had been passed down through “Joe’s” family for generations, and he decided to make it the centerpiece of his new iPhone 5, designed by Stuart Hughes of the UK.

That phone has now become the most expensive iPhone ever sold at $15.3 million. Hughes spent nine weeks crafting the phone with its solid-gold chassis, sapphire-glass screen and 600 white diamonds that make up the Apple logo and line the edges.

The iPhone may be one-of-a-kind, but it’s not the only Apple product the English designer and jeweler has created. The iPhone 4S Elite Gold phone he designed, which cost more than $9 million, previously held the title as the world’s most expensive phone. His solid gold iPhone costs more than $33,000 and his iPad Supreme Fire Edition costs more than $168,000. And while Hughes may never create another iPhone to match the black diamond, he has no doubt he’ll be commissioned to design future versions, as well.

I have been commissioned to do all of the iPhones from when the 3G version first came out,” Hughes told ABC News, adding he gets most of his business through referrals.