BlackBerry Passport Is The Next Smartphone Revolution

Image via Blackberry

BlackBerry is back. The Canadian handset maker has seen some tough years since the release of the iPhone, but after several abortive attempts at molding its own place in the modern device market the company appears to have finally impressed. The BlackBerry Passport is set for release later in 2014 and the smartphone is, without a doubt, going to change the way people work. It may even change the way people see smartphones.

The BlackBerry Passport is extraordinary, but it’s also super weird. It’s going to take a while to get used to seeing the devices on trains and in the office, but once the aesthetic shock wears off, the smartphone is sure to impress.

Work Changes Around The Blackberry Passport

In the past, when people saw a BlackBerry, it used to mean business. The brand has had so many missteps in recent years and its market share has declined so violently, that its iconic keyboard is not synonymous with getting work done anymore. When the Passport is released, that’s bound to change.

Image via Blackberry

Image via Blackberry

BlackBerry is making big promises about the functionality of its latest smartphone and if what the company says is true, the device will change the way people work. Reading spreadsheets on a handheld device may finally be possible, and typing emails will no longer take ten minutes of re-reading in order to correct auto-correct. The large square screen of the Passport, when coupled with the keyboard, is likely to be eye-catching enough to make it iconic and that may be enough to revitalize the way that people think about BlackBerry.

Blackberry Passport Breeds New Life In Waterloo

The BlackBerry Passport is going to be the flagship in a suite of products that the company is leveraging to take control of the enterprise device market. Alongside the square smartphone, the company is releasing a BlackBerry Classic and a Z3, a take on the company’s all touch z10. That’s just the company’s hardware; arguably the less important side of the business. Software is where BlackBerry has remained well ahead of the pack and it’s continuing to forge a new reality in enterprise security.

BlackBerry has a system of enterprise security known as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which is able to secure communications on its own systems as well as Android and iOS devices. That means that offices don’t have to completely switch over to the BlackBerry Passport in order to benefit from its security features. Even if the Passport doesn’t make it as a big smartphone hit, it will serve as an advertisement and a branding ambassador for the company.

BlackBerry is back, and the Passport is a flagship worth celebrating. The company shook the smartphone world once before and it’s about to do it again. The BlackBerry Passport is bound to be a phone that people can work on, chaning the nature of smartphones forever.