B&O’s A9 Speaker Innovative in Sound and Design

Bang & Olufsen have introduced a new, premium speaker just in the time for the holidays. The BeoPlay A9 combines an innovative design with the premium audio technology the luxury electronic company is known for. The speaker, is crafted to look like a piece of modern art, and can blend with any home décor scheme or stand alone to gain utmost attention. Many describe the speaker’s look as a mini satellite dish, as the A9 units are in a circular component that sits on tripod legs. The unit measures about 3 feet in diameter, and comes in six colors. The legs, available in oak, beech or teak, can either be used to stand up the speaker or removed to hang it on the wall or ceiling. The A9 is not only progressive in its design, however. The speaker has no buttons and is instead controlled by touch sensors, while the volume is adjusted by a swipe of the hand.

Users can play their music wirelessly from an iPod, iPhone or Android using either Airplay or DLNA streaming technology. For those who prefer a wired sound, the A9 offers a hidden line-in and Ethernet component, as well as a USB port for docking and charging devices.

Audiophiles will love the A9’s advanced sound technology courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. Through two 3/4-inch tweeters and two 3-inch mid-range units, as well as an 8-inch bass unit, the speaker provides the premium sound expected of any B&O product. The A9 also includes a fine-tuned Digital Sound Processor algorithm with patented Adaptive Bass Linearization Technology to produce the highest-quality sound totaling 480 watts. It also offers three preset sound modes—wall, corner and freestanding—to automatically adjust the equalization filters based on the speakers room position.

Priced at just $2,700, the BeoPlay A9 is a steal for those who want B&O quality, but a more contemporary design and lower price. The speakers are available in Bang & Olufsen showrooms, the company’s Web site and Apple stores.