Breakup Letter: Here’s Your Shit… If You Can Find It

broken heart

As the old adage goes: Don’t get mad, get even. And one particular scorned lover took her revenge to creative heights. Rather than keying her ex’s car, slashing his tires or burning his personal belongings, she turned their breakup into a game.

According to a letter recently posted on Imgur, an anonymous girlfriend caught her significant other cheating when he left is his Facebook open after getting a message from the mysterious “Kelsi.” Wasting little time on tears and regret, the girlfriend placed her lover’s belongings in significant locations, leaving him a scavenger hunt to retrieve them.

“I invented a neat game, since I know you like looking for things (like other girls),” she wrote.

Not only were the cheater’s clothing hidden “where we first met,” but his video games were placed at the location the ex-couple first kissed, his TV where they first went “all the way,” and his laptop “where we bought our first video game together.

As for all the rest of his worldly possessions? They can be found at Kelsi’s house. The ex-girlfriend promised she didn’t break anything (as many would in her position), but she also denied responsibility if any passersby swiped items before they were found.