Bud Selig Is Pissed, Ready To Ban A-Rod For Life

Image via Mary A Lupo/Shutterstock

The Biogenesis shit has hit the fan. While Ryan Braun’s suspension for the rest of 2013 is a big deal (because not only was Braun the 2011 MVP, he got off on a technicality after pissing hot and was given the benefit of the doubt), Braun’s suspension came late enough in the season where it really won’t affect Braun (besides his wallet) or the last-place Milwaukee Brewers.

A-Rod is a different story. Not only is his name allegedly on the list of Biogenesis clients (pro athletes who illegally purchased steroids and other performance-enhancers from a shady clinic in Florida), this is not A-Rod’s first PED slip-up.

Allegedly, there was a deal on Bug Selig’s table for A-Rod, where he could have chosen to sit out the rest of 2013 and all of 2014.

Rodriguez’s lawyer, David Cornwell, told Stephen A. Smith on Monday “We are focused on an appeal.” That should be of no surprise, since Cornwell handled Ryan Braun’s successful appeal of his first PED suspension.

There’s a good chance A-Rod will choose to appeal the suspension, try and get back on the field and hopefully play well enough to get some fans back in his corner. Rodriguez seems to be a fan of using the media to fight his battles, so it’s a safe bet that he will do so again. (This is going to be his biggest battle yet.)

However, Selig is ready to bring down the hammer on A-Rod. According the the NY Daily News, Selig is prepared to punish A-Rod under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and banish Rodriguez for life if he does not take the MLB deal. Making matters worse for A-Rod is the fact that Commissioner Selig has the executive authority to ban A-Rod under a separate clause that gives the commish the right “to uphold the integrity of the game.” But, either way, if Selig punishes A-Rod for violating the CBA, that will prevent A-Rod from appealing the decision. It’s looking like a lose-lose for Rodriguez.

Some reports are saying that none of this will come to pass until after Wednesday’s trade deadline, but conflicting reports are saying A-Rod could be banned as soon as Tuesday evening. Either way, some sort of suspension or banning of Rodriguez is imminent.