California Man Arrested After Hitting A Red Light Camera, Then Speeding Off With It

screen shot via CBS13 (Marysville Police)

Police in Marysville, Calif. arrested a man who was suspected to have hit a red light camera and then take off with it.

A man, now known to be 19-year-old Manuel Montano Herrera, was seen hitting a red light camera head-on last Saturday and then driving off with it when the camera pole fell over onto his blue Toyota pickup. Witnesses told police that the crash was a crazy scene to behold.

“We look over and we see debris flying from one of the video poles, camera poles,” said Arnold Romero, a paramedic who was posted at a nearby hospital and witnessed the whole incident with his partner.

The pole ended up flipping over into the back of the bed of the vehicle … the vehicle sped off and actually stopped at the next light and turned the corner from there and took off.”

Romero’s partner called the police shortly after witnessing the scene, but Herrera had already disappeared from the scene.

Police say that Herrera was seen in pictures later trying to remove the camera pole from his car. He was arrested Saturday morning on multiple charges of hit-and-run and grand theft. Police have also reportedly found the red light camera and pole.