Canadian PSA Shows Repercussions Of Drunk Driving In The Most Morbid Way Yet (Video)

SAAQ – Cable from La Cavalerie on Vimeo.

Montreal-based advertising agency La Cavalerie just took dark PSAs to new level. The latest in the recent stream of global PSAs combatting irresponsible driving, Quebec’s automobile insurance society, SAAQ, commissioned a new PSA that might be the most morbid of them all.

Titled “Cable,” the PSA bluntly shows the inevitable consequences of drunk driving, from the guy drinking in the bar to his arrest, to the victim in the body bag and the family left at home to grieve. It’s a message that leaves no room for interpretation. There are severe repercussions to pay if you drink and drive, and that’s what SAAQ wants to grill into your head.

A gesture of heavy circumstances,” the PSA’s message displays in French at the close. “When you do drink, don’t drive.”