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10 Scientific Reasons You Should Smile More

Train your brain to become happier! Increase your productivity and attention span! Watch your career take off! It sounds like …

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4 Not-So-Obvious Side Effects Of Stress

Everyone likes to talk about stress reduction techniques, the dangers of stress and all sorts of related topics these days. …

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New Ultrasound Treatment Could Hold Cure For Alzheimer’s

New research from Australia has been shown to fully reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in mice. Using non-invasive ultrasound …

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4 Ways To Avoid Being Engulfed In Others’ Bad Moods

It’s hard to know where to step when a friend or family member is chronically negative. Everyone knows someone like …

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LSD Researchers Are Crowdfunding The World’s First Imaging Study Of The Brain On Acid

Researchers in England — at the Beckley Foundation’s Psychedelic Research Programme, to be exact — are using crowdfunding in order …

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New Class Of Drugs Could Increase Our Lifespan

Bringing us one step closer to the day when we bow to a race of hyper-intelligent, immortal rodent overlords — …

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Pulseless Bionic Heart Could Be Ready For Human Trials Within 3 Years

A groundbreaking device known as BiVACOR could soon replace artificial hearts and organ donations. The world’s first bionic heart, designed …

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15 Foods That Boost Concentration

If you’re looking to sharpen your focus and concentration, don’t use quick fixes like energy drinks and sugary snacks, and …

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