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To Manscape Or Not?

Before the turn of the century, most men didn’t pay any attention whatsoever to the hair below their necks. Unless you had an embarrassingly …→ Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Nice To A Girl

Okay, this is some 101 type shit right here. Gameplay at its most basic. Being nice to a girl is …

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Gentleman: Here’s A Guide To Understanding What Women Say And What They Actually Mean

Women are complex beings who might as well speak in secret code. Delivering loaded statements, insinuations and hints, women often …

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10 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

I support those who defy gender norms. I do. Hell, my minor in college was Women’s Studies. Consequently, I underwent …

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9 Things Women Really Want From Their Man

Let me break it down for you. Women are really not that hard to please — as long as you …

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Studies Show Men Have A Higher Pain Tolerance Than Women

For every man who has claimed to have a higher pain tolerance than women, there is a woman quick to …

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