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10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Charisma And Confidence

Successful and admired people all possess the same quality: charisma. It’s a highly prized and powerful quality of influence. In …

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25 Things Men Should Stop Doing On Tinder

Say what you will about Tinder. That it’s nothing but a hook-up app. That it boils potential mates down to …

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F*ck Yeah! 20 Reasons Men Love A Woman With A Dirty Mouth

Cursing is an art form. Some people are good at it, some aren’t. There are still some people out there …

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15 Benefits Of Getting Married You Might Not Realize

These days, most couples might not feel the pressure to get married. They’re committed to each other, live together, and …

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What It Means To Be A Conservative Female Today

So you don’t support a woman’s right to choose… but you’re a woman? You must really like Sarah Palin then. …

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Who Are These Women Into The ‘Dad Bod?’ (And Where Are The Men Praising ‘Mom Bod?’)

I’m all for embracing your body. I don’t believe in diets, I think all foods are okay to eat, and …

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25 Things Women Obsess Over That Men Don’t Give A Sh*t About At All

Well, it’s always fun to piss people off by pointing out things that are generally (but no, not always) true …

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25 Rules For Selfies All Men Should Follow

Let’s face some facts here. In an increasingly narcissistic society, the selfie is the cherry on top of the sundae …

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