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19 Easy Ways To Save Money Each Month

Sometimes it seems impossible to start a savings account, or to grow one if you already have it. You work …

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5 Reasons To Consider Alternative Investments

FOX Business Network Deirdre Bolton has a show called Risk&Reward at 1PM/ET, which is all about alternative investments. Today’s the …

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13 Of The Absolute Worst Bank Fees That You Should Avoid

It’s universally agreed upon by everyone other than banks that banking fees are just the worst. But have you ever …

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How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America? (Video)

Being an awesome superhero isn’t cheap. Thanks to MOVIECLIPS Trailers, we now know how much it would cost to be …

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15 Money Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

With the economy so up and down, having financial stability in your life can be difficult to obtain. There’s no …

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Guy Explains What It’s Really Like To Have A Billion Dollars

Everybody fantasizes about being a billionaire but do they really understand what having a billion dollars actually means? I didn’t. …

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A Day With A Russian Billionaire Is As Awesome As It Sounds

It is my wish to one day be the one that gets to spend all day (and night) drinking vodka …

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Private Banks Are Looking For An Exit In Switzerland

A report by Bloomberg Businessweek recently revealed that private banks in Switzerland are drying up at an accelerating rate. Swiss …

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