CEO’s Name Their Most Admired World Leaders


Each year, PriceWaterHouseCooper conducts a survey among executives of thousands of companies around the world. Now in its 16th year, the 2013 Global CEO Survey provides a variety of information on how CEOs are facing today’s challenges, including the current economy, opportunities for growth and the changing competitive environment. In addition to discussing heavy topics, the powerful execs—admired by many—shared names, past and present, of those they most admire and aspire to be like. Surprisingly, the Top 10 list only includes two fellow CEOS, as well as other world leaders including liberals, conservatives, a general and pacifists.

CEO’s Most Admired Leaders:

1. Winston Churchill

2. Steve Jobs

3. Mahatma Gandhi

4. Nelson Mandela

5. Jack Welch

6. Abraham Lincoln

7. Margaret Thatcher

8. Ronald Reagan

9. John F. Kennedy

10. Napoleon Bonaparte