Chobani CEO’s Commencement Speech Will Teach You Anything Is Possible (Video)

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Chobani founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, began his speech at the University of Albany’s 2014 undergraduate commencement ceremony last month.

I’ve been making a lot of yogurt to get here!”

On May 18, The U of Albany alum took the stage hoping to pass along a few tidbits of knowledge and inspiration to the new graduates of the university’s class of 2014. Ulukaya, whose roots take him back to a small dairy farm town in Turkey, is the sole owner of the best-selling yogurt brand in the U.S.

And having come a long way from a small farm in Turkey to starting and running the number one yogurt in America, Ulukaya had a few tales of life experience to pass on to the new grads. Instead of trying to conjure up some generic inspirational things to say, Ulukaya told the graduates he wanted to share his own story.

“I’m just a farmer boy and a yogurt maker,” Ulukaya says.

But I can tell you one thing: Life is awesome.”

Ulukaya told the grads his tale of how he accomplished one of his dreams of graduating from an American university and how he chose not to listen to the negativity of others in order to fulfill his goals. The overall message of of Ulukaya’s inspirational speech is to remember never to look only ahead at the destination, but rather to pay attention to each moment and each step that it takes to get there. Chobani, Ulukaya says, started with “painting the walls.”

“Success is not the destination,” Ulukaya says.

It’s the journey.