Christie’s To Auction Most Expensive Rolex

Image via Christie's

Well-known auction house Christie’s has always provided bidders with some of the most famous watches ever created. Much like the past, the popular auction house has once again provided buyers with a collection that would make any wristwatch enthusiast drool.

Among the watches for sale at the May 13 Important Watches auction in Geneva, Ref. 4113 really stands out like a diamond in the rough. The Rolex-designed watch was manufactured in 1942 and expected to yield anywhere from $760,000 to $1.2 million. Although that price range may be more than many of us make in our lifetime, Christie’s expects the watch to easily surpass the $1 million price because of its rarity and crafting. Some of the interesting features for this watch include an oversized stainless steel case, 17 various types of jewels, hand-applied pink gold Roman and Arabic numerals, and split second hands.

And if you have $2 million to spend but Rolex just isn’t your cup of tea, Christie’s is also auctioning a Patek Phillipe piece that mirrors the value of its top Rolex. With an estimated price ceiling of $1.5 million, Ref. 3448 is a hand-signed piece created and crafted by the owner himself. Encrusted in 18 karat white gold, this watch is truly the epitome of of elegance and class among wristwatches. Although this watch really was made to give the buyer a classicly-styled watch, the perpetual, circle shaped calendar makes the piece very unique when comparing it to any other watch.

In addition to these prized pieces, the auction house will also offer a one-of-a-kind Paul Newman Rolex, The Daytona, Ref. 6241. Although the watches costs only a fraction of the price of the first two, the Paul Newman collection is highly touted compared to the other 300 watches Christie’s is auctioning.