CNBC Reporter Courtney Reagan Gets A Surprise Proposal In The Middle Of Talking About Engagement Rings

via CNBC

In what is possibly one of the most romantic proposals ever, CNBC reporter Courtney Reagan got engaged in the middle of taping “Nightly News Report” when her hedge fund analyst boyfriend, Jared Baker, walked on set.

Ironically, Reagan was discussing engagement rings with host Tyler Mathisen.

What about the middle level jewelers, the ones like Jared?” asked Mathisen, subliminally referring to her boyfriend. “Jared is the one I’m thinking of.”

Baker then walks onto set, unbeknownst to Reagan, who continues to talk about jewelry. When she finally looks up to see him standing beside her, she loudly says, “Jared!” in an excited state of confusion. But once her thoughts have settled, it seems she knows what’s about to come and begins crying immediately.

It’s been a long time,” he began his proposal. “Seven years… I love you so much. I have since the day I met you. I’ve always known you were the one. I love your smile. I love your laugh. I even love the way you dance. Will you marry me?”

She screams out “Yes!” and he slides a beautiful ring onto her finger. Reagan hugs her host, laughing at the surprise of it all.