Contact Lens For Diabetics In The Works At Google[x]

Image via Google

Google[x] announced yesterday that it’s working on creating a smart contact lens for diabetics. Tiny chips and sensors would be able to monitor glucose levels in tears, giving immediate, accurate and pain-free results to wearers.

The lens would utilize “chips and sensors so small they look like bits of glitter, and an antenna thinner than a human hair.” All this hardware would be embedded between two layers of soft lens material for maximum comfort.

Early prototypes can generate glucose level readings once per second, so the lens would recognize instantly if the wearer’s blood sugar level dips too low.

Now the Googlers behind the project are working on transmitting that data to wearers. They plan to try embedding tiny LED lights that would light up when there’s a problem. They also want developers to think about potential apps for the lens. Ideally, an app would send precise measurements from the device directly to wearers and their doctors.

The smart contact lens would be revolutionary for people managing their diabetes. The disruptive, painful act of pricking their fingers and testing blood drops would become a thing of the past. And diabetics – who add up to one in 19 people worldwide – could live their lives without worrying about sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar level.

For now, the smart contact lens is in its infancy. But considering Google[x] is the same secret facility that created Google Glass and driverless cars, there’s a good chance this product will one day become a reality.