‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Turns Herself In After 239 Cats Are Removed From Home

screen shot via NBC10

You don’t know about a crazy cat lady until you know about Lanie Jacobson. The Philadelphia esident, who called herself The Crazy Cat Lady, surrendered to police Monday night after Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officers removed 239 cats from her home in late March. She was facing charges of possession and conspiracy to possess ketamine, an animal anesthetic.

The conditions inside Jacobson’s two connected row homes were simply said to be “unsanitary,” but things were so bad inside that the SPCA officers had to wear respirators when removing the cats in March. It’s reported that Lanie Jacobson had been running a licensed animal shelter called Animals in Crisis out of the home since 2002. A sign outside the house read, “I’m the Crazy Cat Lady. And this is the crazy cat house.”

A former employee at the shelter, Alicia Manfredi, told a local Philadelphia news station that she filed a complaint against Jacobson before quitting in 2011. The SPCA said they followed up on the complaint but didn’t find any signs of neglect; it was when they received another tip that they inspected the home again and removed the cats.

Manfredi shared some horrifying pictures of what the shelter and described the ghastly conditions to NBC10.

screen shot via NBC10

screen shot via NBC10

“I watched the cats being abused,” she said.

“Everything was neglected. Feces, urine, everywhere. It was just really awful, even for us to be working in.”

The SPCA reported that the cats were going to be transferred to its headquarters to be treated and examined and would be available for adoption.