Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Says His Flip Phone Got Him His $1.2 Billion Stadium

Image via Twitter/corkgaines

If you’re trying to save money, ditch your smartphone in favor of a flip phone. At least, that’s how the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, is doing it.

The footage and images of him using a flip phone gained some widespread attention. After all, he’s worth $3 billion, according to Forbes, and can certainly invest in something more advanced.

Although some people laughed and others mocked, Jones said in an interview that it’s his flip phone that has helped him get to where is now.

“It’s how you have a stadium worth $1.2 [billion] if you watch your pennies and use flip phones,” said Jones. “You can’t have it all,” he told CBS.

Although Jones probably can have it all, the metaphor sits nicely. By cutting unnecessary costs out of your life, you’re saving “pennies” for the venture you seek, whether it be a startup or a vacation.

“You can have some pretty confidential conversation and not get overheard by the camera man by talking into this flip phone,” he said about the benefits of his phone.