Did Michael Jordan’s Son Tweet A Dick Pic?

Image via Flickr/ ATrumbly

Michael Jordan was famous for sticking his tongue out as he attacked the rim. His son, Marcus Jordan, is gaining notoriety for being really bad at Twitter. Although little Jordan claimed he was “hacked,” which is code for “OH SHIT! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A DIRECT MESSAGE! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT,” some intrepid Twitter documentarians saw the very NSFW vulgar tweet and did what any good American would do: save it.


Marcus Jordan’s “Greatest Hits” on Twitter:
-Propositioning a porn star in a public tweet.
-Bragging about spending 50k in a single night in Vegas while a 20-year-old basketballer at UCF (chump change considering who his father is).
-Tweeting a picture of his member and saying his account was hacked.