Dollar Bills Fall From Sky At Safeco Field… Was More Exciting Than Mariners Game (Video)


Looking for a good way to promote your business? Take a stack of dollar bills. Now, put your company’s URL and a 10 percent off coupon code on a piece of paper, and secure it around the bills. Then, get high up in the stands at a crappy baseball game between the Mariners and Twins.

Following the seventh inning stretch, make it rain and watch fans gets more excited about catching $4 in singles than shelling out for $10 Budweiser’s and watching two bottom-of-the-barrel ball clubs duke it out. Not a bad way to get some free airtime for your company.

One cameraman grabs a fistful of bills and holds them up in front of the camera, giving the business a lot of free advertising. All it cost was a couple hundred bones, and a ticket to a Mariners-Twins game. Guerilla marketing for the win!