Donald Trump Goes On Twitter Rant About NY Mag After Letterman Interview


Not sure what crawled up Donald Trump’s ass today, but his panties were certainly in a wad. Trump appeared in good spirits last night when he appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” There, Letterman razzed the Donald about his place on Forbes billionaires list, where Trump’s wealth falls well below Carlos Slim Helu’s $73 billion fortune. Letterman also gave Trump a hard time about his Twitter account, reminding him how often he says “cockeyed things” in his Tweets.

You say things and you think it’s so cute and so smart, and it comes back to haunt you,” Trump replied.

But when Trump got up this morning, any sense of humor he displayed to Dave was long gone. After New York Magazine ran a short blog summarizing Trump’s appearance on Letterman, the Donald sounded off on Twitter.

Is Trump bipolar or something? In it’s extremely short piece New York Magazine didn’t offer its own opinions of Trump. The blog merely restated a few comments Letterman and Trump made during the previous night’s interview. And Trump was perfectly happy with the same words when they were spoken by Dave…

It just goes to show how Trump will look for drama anywhere he can possibly find it. What a chump.

[Image via Debby Wong/Shutterstock]