Double Your iPhone Battery Life With uNu

Double Your iPhone Battery Life With uNu


Today, millions of applications and software updates are making smartphone usage and battery life dwindle rapidly. In fact, internet usage and texting account for a severe drainage in battery.

uNu has come out with a protective battery case for the iPhone 5 that almost doubles your talk time and seems to allow the phone to last around two days with just a single charge. For many iPhone users, this is a blessing from the Heavens.

Another improvement is that the case is very minimalistic and not bulky. It is only around 15mm thick and also appears to be aesthetically pleasing. Countless users have complained that the Otterbox, one of the most successful iPhone case makers, is too bulky and makes their phones difficult to operate and function on a daily basis.

In addition, the uNu comes with an LED panel on the back that allows connections with Bluetooth and push notifications.

Regardless, the new case protects your phone, adds an LED panel, and doubles your battery life.

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