Dove Commercial Explains Why Men Shouldn’t Use Women’s Shampoo (Video)

Somebody’s always got their panties in a wad about something. Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather made a hilarious commercial to showcase Dove’s line of men’s hair care products in Brazil. Basically, this dude Diego, who happens to have absolutely glorious locks, is chillin’ in his suit and tie at the office. His buddy comes up and asks what’s different about Deigo’s hair. Apparently, the long, luscious shine and slow-motion bounce isn’t his typical style, after all. Poor Diego is oblivious, so his friend suggests that perhaps his shampoo has given him the ultra-feminine effects—like in women’s shampoo ads (think Pantene from 20 years ago).

Deigo is very alarmed at the possibility, and he jets home, his hair bouncing along the way in all its splendor. There, he quickly showers and washes his hair with Dove’s Men+ Shampoo. Miraculously, his hair not only loses its slo-mo bounce and super shine, but it immediately transforms to a short “manly” cut. Who knew using the wrong product could have such an effect?

Believe or not, there’s plenty of people bitching about the commercial. They think it’s sexist for depicting a long-haired man in a negative light. I think they’re missing the point. Diego didn’t just have long hair, he had some of the most glorious, shiny, bouncy hair ever seen on a dude. If a guy wants hair like that, he needs to join a band. That’s why they called them “hair bands.” Seriously. Get over yourselves people. It’s OK to laugh at funny shit without picking it apart.