Drunk Snow-Trapped Baltimore Resident Makes Craigslist Post For Emergency Taco Bell

Image via imgur

As the Northeast is hit with another big snowstorm, one Baltimorean was ready to brave the snow if it meant getting her hands on some Taco Bell. Too drunk to drive herself to the local spot, she did what any responsible adult would do and turned to Craigslist to find a designated driver.

She wrote yesterday that she required a driver with four-wheel drive to take her for food, and that she’d “pay in tacos. or chalupas. whatever. Seriously my desire for tacos right now is totally unmanageable, so I’d probably even buy you a 7 layer burrito if you asked nicely.”

The original Craigslist post has since been removed, but not before Reddit user MamaRedSeam grabbed a screenshot and posted it.

It didn’t take long for the sobered-up taco fiend to come forward on Reddit as squirrelsoup, claim the post and answer the hard-hitting questions that matter.

Most importantly, she did eventually get herself some Taco Bell, but didn’t get help from anyone on Craigslist. She received about 30 replies to the post but apparently deemed everyone unworthy to take her for food. Instead, she just waited to sober up, and then (I assume) drove her “shitty little hybrid douchemobile” to get tacos.

She wrote in the comments that she eventually got herself “a nacho loco taco, a crunchy taco, a soft taco, a chalupa, and some cinnabon bites that tasted like straight up assholes.”