Enter A World Of Calm And Tranquility In The I-Sopod Floatation Tank

Image via Floatworks

Dip your body and mind into the tranquility of the womb with the i-sopod floatation tank. Called the purest form of relaxation, the tank looks like a spaceship and provides users with impenetrable calm as their anxieties melt away.

According to Floatworks, the maker of the i-sopod, the floatation tank was designed with precision engineering to create the most technically-advanced and luxurious system ever. With 16 years of floatation industry experience and by dedicating three years of research and development, the i-sopod sets new standards in quality, performance and durability.

The i-sopod floatation tank is unique in that its saline solution is heated outside the tank, eliminating electro-magnetic fields created by embedded heaters.  The tank was also designed with top-of-the-line safety features.

Image via Floatworks

Image via Floatworks

With prices starting at $25,500, the i-sopod floatation tank is not for those with slim wallets or too few zeros in their bank balances. But the tank can not only be purchased for home relaxation, but also for use in a commercial setting. Spa and health club owners can certainly innovate their businesses with the addition of an i-sopod floatation system. The tanks can be hand-finished to customers’ specifications, including color choice. And the internal floatation area is 50-percent larger than most other tanks on the market.

The tanks also include underwater LED lights to enhance the experience. Likewise, the tanks are integrated with audio—stereo sound is supplied through a built-in MP3 player.

Floatworks began making tanks in 1993. After finding issues tanks across the industry for years, the company concluded the ideal system didn’t exist, which led to the research and development—and ultimately the creation—of the i-sopod.