‘Escaped Prisoner Prank’ Will Have You Laughing Your Ass Off (Video)

The most recent addition to the FouseyTUBE archives might be the most involved and in depth yet. Yusef, aka Fousey, goes through great lengths to make his ‘Escaped Prisoner’ prank believable by renting what appears to be a squad car and decking an actor out in a full-on cop uniform.

Having recently moved into a new apartment building, Yusef was curious about how he should introduce himself to the neighbors. His mom told him to bake them cookies. Yusef opted to qualify them all for a lifetime prescription of Xanax instead.

The prank is simple. It’s basically Yusef running at people in a bright orange jumpsuit, but it’s still pretty funny. He really gets some of these people pretty shaken up. One guy even hides behind a lady friend of his and afterwards has to face the hyena-like hecklings of Mr. FouseyTUBE himself.

All in all, I’m sure his new neighbors are just thrilled to have a YouTube sensation living among them to keep everybody on their toes.