Esurance To Give Away $1.5 Million To One Lucky Twitter User

Image via Twitter/Esurance

There were a lot of great commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl, but the one that really took the cake didn’t even air during the game. Esurance’s commercial featuring John Krasinski was the first ad after the big game. And for good reason. The ad slot directly after the game was about $1.5 million cheaper than one during the game, and Esurance wants to pass the savings on to one lucky person on Twitter.

To enter to win the $1.5 million, the official rules say you simply need to add #EsuranceSave30 to any tweet between now and 4 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Each tweet counts as a different entry, so go crazy. And the contents of the tweets don’t matter, as long as they include the hashtag. The contest comes with some stipulations. For example, automated tweets don’t count, you need to follow Esurance on Twitter and your tweets need to be public.

The giveaway isn’t the only thing that makes this commercial memorable. While Krasinski has done voiceovers for the company since 2011, this is the first time he’s appeared on camera for the insurance agency. Additionally, as BuzzFeed points out, Esurance’s $1.5 million savings actually translates to more than the stated 30 percent difference. The ad implies that a Super Bowl ad would have cost $5 million, but reports say the going rate was just $4 million. The company rounded the percentage down to stay in line with its message.