Facebook Announces Updated ‘Poke’ App, Messages Self-Destruct In 10 Seconds

Facebook Announces Updated ‘Poke’ App, Messages Self-Destruct In 10 Seconds

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds… No, you’re not having flashbacks to an old “Mission: Impossible” or “Inspector Gadget” episode. The option is actually a new feature of the Facebook “Poke” app. Messages and photos sent through the app will automatically delete after a set number of seconds.

The technology is similar to that already available in the Snapchat app, the popular program that allows users to share photos which appear on another users’ screen for just a few seconds before disappearing permanently. In the past six weeks, between 20 million and 50 million photos have been uploaded to Snapchat daily.

The “poke” is nothing new to longtime Facebook users. Around since the early days of the social network, it is the Facebook equivalent of a wink or a wave, but is rarely used anymore as the site’s messaging options have become more advanced.

The new Facebook Poke will allow users to send messages less than 120 characters, photos or videos of 10 second or less. After a period of time set by the sender—between 1 and 10 seconds—the message is permanently deleted.

The app may seem ideal for philanderers or those who want to send inappropriate content. But Facebook reminds its users they can still report any inappropriate contact.

[Image via Facebook via iTunes]

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