Facebook Messenger App Launches Free Voice Calling Feature

Facebook Messenger App Launches Free Voice Calling Feature


After a beta test in Canada, Facebook has launched a new feature in the US that enables free voice calls for iPhone customers using its Messenger app. Similar to services already available through Skype and Google Voice, Facebook VoIP calls are made though a user’s WiFi signal or data connection and allow phone conversations with allow phone conversations without the use of any plan “minutes.” Unlike Skype and other competitor apps, Messenger allows users to call others in the United States from their Facebook friends list without using any phone numbers.

To make a call using the Messenger VoPI service, Facebook users simply tap the “i” in the top right corner of the app and press “Free Call.

The social network has long been rumored to be developing its own smartphone, but the new feature indicates it may instead plan on replacing traditional mobile phone plans with its own features. Perhaps Facebook is positioning itself to become the default calling app on future smartphones. It’s certainly moved leaps and bounds beyond the Newsfeed and Timeline with the new VoIP, its voice messaging service, new Poke app and recently-announced Graph Search feature. It even allows non-Facebook members to use the Messenger app. Would you ever replace your voice and texting service plans with Facebook?

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