Facebook Unveils Top Trends of 2012

Facebook Unveils Top Trends of 2012

Never to be outdone, Facebook joins the ranks of the many top trend lists of 2012, offering up its own compilation of the most popular topics across the social network during the past year. For anyone who frequents Facebook, or keeps in touch with pop culture, the list offers few surprises. Facebook has broken down its 2012 trends list into various categories, including events, memes, movies, songs, public figures, books and check-ins.

By far the most popular even of 2012 was the US presidential election, outranking other events, including Superbowl XLVI, the death of Whitney Houston and Superstorm Sandy. In the memes, category, TBH (to be honest) leads the pack, followed by YOLO, the phrase meaning “you only live once,” made popular by hip-hop artist Drake. The most talked-about movie and book was “The Hunger Games,” while the Fun’s “We Are Young” topped the list of songs. It’s no surprise that New York’s Times Square was the most checked-in location of the year, followed by Disneyland in California.

Facebook, of course, is a worldwide phenomenon, and therefore includes trends from around the world in its 2012 year in review lists. It also offers a feature where each Facebook user can see a personalized year in review. The option will look at the 20 biggest moments in a user’s life during the past year, based on photos, posts, stories and check-ins on Facebook.

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