‘Family Guy’ Peter Griffin Started An Instagram Account, And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect From Him (Photos)

Image via Instagram/peterpumpkineater69

If you’ve been wondering to yourself what Peter Griffin’s life is like unfiltered and outside the confines of your TV, then you’re in luck. Our favorite family guy just started an Instagram account and has been quite busy posting pictures of, well, things that only Peter Griffin would post — and yes, he’s a fan of selfies.

Of the 15 photos Peter has posted on his Instagram account under username PeterPumpkinEater69, we can see his everyday life is just like we’d expect it to be. There’s a photo of Lois passed out in bed, mouth hanging wide open (c’mon man, let a woman get some beauty rest), one of Peter’s delicious lunch of 10 baked potatoes, and another of Meg enjoying a book on the couch, appropriately captioned, “So disappointed in this one. #shutupMeg.” But the selfies are the true gems of Peter’s account; we particularly loved the pic of Peter taking a selfie while eating baked ziti at the gym. It just goes to show that celebrities…. well, they’re just like us. (Although we could’ve done without the rotten, bleeding toenail pic, dude.)

Gross pics aside, Peter has racked up a healthy following of more than 255,000 fans in just a couple of weeks because he’s awesome, and hello — this is the Family Guy’s account! Can’t wait to see more selfies of you defecating on the toilet with Stewie!

Check out some of Peter’s awesome Instagram pics below.