Family Sues City Of New York After Cops Repeatedly Raid Their Home Looking For Dead Husband

Image via pisaphotography/Shutterstock

A family in Brooklyn is suing the city of New York after NYPD have repeatedly raided their home looking for a man who has been dead since 2006, according to the New York Post.

The paper reports that the cops have come looking for James Jordan Sr. more than a dozen times even though his family has told them that he died eight years ago from from diabetes.

“I tell them over and over, ‘James isn’t here!’ Karen Jordan, the man’s widow told The Post.

He’s dead! It’s that simple. What’s so difficult to understand about that?”

The late Brooklyn security guard was last reportedly arrested in 1996 for jumping a subway turnstile and had a total of three sealed arrests that year, according to law enforcement officials. Jordan says she doesn’t understand why the cops keep coming to look for a “hardworking man [who] took care of his eight kids.”

Jordan has resorted to taping her late husband’s death certificate to the door and keeps another copy on her bedroom dresser just anticipating the next raid. She told The Post that the cops have threatened to “be quiet or they’ll lock me up” while they raid her home, turning everything upside down and going as far as to harass her children.

The lawsuit says that Jordan’s 31-year-old son, James Jr., were taken in for interrogation during a raid last July for charges of weapons possession, which were later dropped. He says that all he wants is for the police to let his long-gone father and his family just have some peace.

“I told them my father was gone. They just didn’t believe me. When they came in, they came in like a riot team. It was like a raid. Six officers rushed into the apartment and woke me up,” Jordan Jr. said of one of the incidents.

My dad’s dad’s spirit is here. But you can’t arrest his spirit. I just want my dad to rest in peace. Even when you’re dead, you still get harassed.”