8 Ways To Find Extra Money During The Pandemic

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The pandemic has hit everyone financially, albeit in different ways. One thing is for sure — finding extra money can help everyone.

We’ve put together this list of nine ways you can do exactly that. By taking advantage of just one or all of these, you’ll potentially put a lot of extra cash in your best pocket.

The best part? They all take just minutes.

1. Reduce Your Car Insurance Bill in 2 Minutes

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There are more than 250 million cars in America. That means a ton of people are overpaying insurance companies.

Gabi is a tool every car owner should try. In just two minutes, it will compare auto quotes from up to 40 providers to get you new rates.

The service is completely free, and on average, Gabi users save $825. If it finds cheaper car insurance for you, it can help you switch over with ease.

Find out how much you can save now.

2. Get Rid of Your Current Mortgage

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If you own a home, it’s likely your biggest expense. If you feel like you’re stuck with your current mortgage, you aren’t. And luckily for you, mortgage rates are at an all-time low.

You could find a new mortgage refinance rate with Axos in just a couple minutes, 100% online.

A mortgage refinance is simply replacing your current mortgage with a new one, potentially at a better interest rate and/or better terms.

Axos has a $0 lender fee and gives you the opportunity to earn 3% annualized cash back.

You can close your new loan in days, and if you choose to pay off your loan early, there is no prepayment penalty.

Fill out a short questionnaire, and in minutes, find out how much money you could be saving.

3. Don’t Pay Bank Fees, Save More Money, and Get Paid 2 Days Earlier

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Bank fees are annoying and costly, but you no longer have to pay them.

Chime FDIC-insured bank accounts have no hidden fees, and no surprises. No monthly fees, and no foreign transaction fees. Plus, you’ll get access to over 38,000 fee-free ATMs.

It will get you paid up to two days early with direct deposit and allow you to earn interest up to 1% APY (more than 15 times the national average).

Banking with Chime makes things super easy, and Chime uses secure processes to protect your information and help prevent unauthorized use.

Sign up now in just 2 minutes.

4. Improve Your Credit by Staying on Top of it

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One surefire way of wasting money is by having bad credit. Bad credit means higher interest rates when you need to get a mortgage, auto loan, credit card, etc.

A top way to improve your credit is by knowing where you stand.

Credit Sesame is a free credit monitoring tool that will give you a free credit score, free credit report card, and free credit monitoring.

It’ll let you know what factors are affecting your credit score and how to better it. It also throws in free ID protection.

Get Credit Sesame for free now.

5. Get up to $5,000 by the next business day without a cash advance or payday loan

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If you need cash fast for whatever reason, avoid cash advances or payday loans because these come with crazy high interest rates.

Instead, you may be able to get a personal loan from LoanPioneer — a lending marketplace with interest rates that start at just 5.9%.

All credit types are often accepted, and you can use the loan for any purpose.

Fill out a short questionnaire and you could have cash in your account as soon as the next business day!

6. Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt (and This Months Credit Card Bill)

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If you enjoy paying sky-high credit card interest rates, then this section is not for you.

For everyone else with credit card debt, think about eliminating it today using Fiona.

Fiona will find you a personal loan with, potentially, a much lower interest rate than your credit card’s interest rate.

The loan can be used to pay off your credit card debt. This means you’ll be left with no credit card bill this month and your monthly bill going forward will be much smaller because the interest rate is lower. Even a small difference in your interest rate could save you a lot of money.

Take 60 seconds and find out what your rate would be with Fiona.

7. Get Online Customers For Your Business

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The world has changed rapidly during the pandemic, with many things shifting online.

If you’re a small business owner, this could be a huge opportunity and you don’t want to be left out.

Constant Contact could bring your business online today; and if your business is already online, it could help you get more customers.

You can use Constant Contact to build an online website or online store to start selling digital and physical items right now. Because no coding skills are needed, you’ll save you a ton of money and time on tasks that you might otherwise need to hire a developer for.

If you already have a website, you can add Constant Contact signup forms to your site to start collecting email subscribers and then send them beautifully crafted email newsletters. You’ll be able to track how many people opened your email and more from the Constant Contact dashboard.

And that’s just scratching the surface — there’s so much more that Constant Contact can help your business with.

Get a free 60-day trial now. Plans start at just $10 a month after your free trial.

8. See if you Can Get $100 From this Company

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Free money is something we think everyone would enjoy.

If you’re already making purchases with a debit card, this free $100 could probably be yours.

An FDIC-insured Aspiration bank account will give you unlimited cash back on your debit card purchases and a $100 bonus if you use your Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 worth of purchases within the first 60 calendar days from account opening.

You’ll also earn interest of up to 1.00% APY on your saving. Not to mention, you’ll get unlimited fee-free withdrawals at 55,000+ ATMs.

What’s more, Aspiration bank believes in no hidden fees; so you’ll enjoy extra money in your pocket at every turn.

Sign up now in just minutes and take advantage of the bonus offer. Fund your account with $100 or more and try it out today.