Flexible Qii Keyboard Rolls Out Like A Yoga Mat

Flexible Qii Keyboard Rolls Out Like A Yoga Mat

As more smartphone users demand portable keyboards, a host of innovative devices have hit the market. In recent months, products such as virtual keyboards and gloves that allow the user to type on air have become available. Now, a keyboard so flexible it can roll into a pocket-sized scroll has been introduced as a concept on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The Qii connects to smartphones and tablets wirelessly through Bluetooth, rolls out like a tape measure into a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, and offers a textured surface for easy touch typing.

The Qii surface has an anti-fingerprint coating that repels dirt and water, and includes a special case that is itself a touchpad so the user can scroll without ever unrolling the keyboard.

Currently in the concept phase, the Qii team is seeking $1.85 million in pledges on Indiegogo by Jan. 6 in order to move on to the manufacturing phase. The money will first be used to refine the Qii’s touch technology and create its final design, electrical and mechanical engineering in order to slim the electronics even further, test performance and design the dedicated chip which will run the touch algorithm. From there, Qii prototypes can be made and the design can be sent to a manufacturer.

Pledges for Qii can be made for as little as $5. A pledge of $120, however, will earn backers their very own Qii when the product becomes available around October 2013. Higher pledges can be made for colored Qiis or Qii multi-packs. With 24 days to go in the campaign, Qii has currently generated $11,212 in pledges.

Samantha Lile


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