Footage Shows Burger King Employees Scramble To Hide As Gunman Enters (Video)

screen shot via NBC6

Security footage from a Miami Burger King robbery shows employees scrambling for cover as soon as an armed man walked into the restaurant.

The report from NBC Miami states that the gunman entered through the front door, locked the door behind him and immediately jumped over the counter to get to the back of the restaurant. He robbed the restaurant as well as the employees shortly before Burger King’s closing time on Monday.

Security footage from the employee area shows the man keeping his head down to avoid cameras as he walked around with gun in hand. Meanwhile, the employees hurried to get away from him, and one appeared to respond to directions.

Police were on the scene within minutes and set up a perimeter, believing the gunman to still be inside. However, he had already slipped out a back door.

Miami police have not released more details such as how much money the gunman took, but they are hoping the security footage helps lead to an arrest.