17 Ways To Score Free Gift Cards With Almost No Effort

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get rewards for completing everyday activities? Imagine if you earned a gift card to your favorite store just by grocery shopping or taking a survey.

Believe it or not, there are tons of companies that’ll give you free gift cards for doing simple, everyday tasks you most likely would’ve done anyways.

Some methods involve taking surveys, while others ask you to watch videos. Some will reward you just for shopping through their app or reading something.

A few of these methods even offer multiple ways to earn at once.

Now, taking surveys and watching videos won’t make you rich. However, you can rack up free gift cards online just by completing simple tasks that barely require you to pay attention.

Sign up for a few of these sites/apps today and start getting your own gift cards for free!

InboxDollars ($5 Signup Bonus)



InboxDollars is one of the most popular ways to earn free gift cards online for completing easy tasks. They offer several different types of tasks you can complete, such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online through the app, reading emails, and even playing video games. Such a wide array of tasks makes earning points seem like less of a chore.

All available tasks can net you some decent pocket change, but the big money’s in the surveys. Most of the surveys pay $5. However, they can be especially lucrative if you fit certain demographics; some will pay you $20 or more just for your survey answers if you’re part of an in-demand demographic. They take 30 minutes at most to complete, earning you plenty of extra money for almost no effort.

InboxDollars has paid over $57 million in cash rewards to its users. It offers gift cards to a variety of big retailers like Amazon, Adidas, Target, Walmart, and more. However, make sure to cash out at least $30 to avoid their $3 transaction fee.

Signing up only takes minutes and they give you $5 just for doing so.

Sign up for InboxDollars today to claim your free $5 and start earning!

Rakuten ($10 Signup Bonus)



Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a massive platform that rewards you just for shopping at your favorite stores. With over 2,500+ stores to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the places you normally shop at.

You don’t even have to shop online either; they have a whole section dedicated to rewards for in-store shopping.

For some stores, they’ll even offer double cash back.

Rakuten doesn’t offer free gift cards as rewards; instead, you can request payment in via check or PayPal when you’re ready to redeem your cashback. Of course, you can use these earnings to buy yourself some gift cards anyways.

Rakuten gives you $10 just for signing up, so go start shopping and earning!


drop app


Whether you use rewards credit cards already or not, Drop lets you turn your cards into cash back machines.

Everything is done on their free, intuitive mobile app. Once you download the Drop app, you link up your debit or credit cards, pick your favorite 5 merchants on the app, and start earning points when you shop for things you normally would.

Drop includes other everyday tasks that can earn you points as well, like using Uber or even shopping through a grocery delivery service like Instacart. The Drop app adds one-off special offers relatively frequently, increasing your potential rewards even more.

Each point is worth 0.1 cents, but you earn a lot of points with each purchase. You can exchange these points for free gift cards online once you have enough. For example, 10,000 points will get you a $10 Amazon gift card.

Download Drop today if you want to earn gift cards just by doing your normal shopping.

Arcadia Power ($20 Amazon Gift Card Signup Bonus)

arcadia power

Arcadia Power

Earning money through surveys or shopping is nice, but Arcadia Power will reward you for switching to cleaner sources of energy for your home.

Arcadia power will connect you to clean energy and automatic energy savings without any hassle. When a lower rate is available in your area, Arcadia Power will automatically get it for you with their price alerts program. No commitments or binding contracts, just savings.

You can choose to pay your utility bill through Arcadia Power with $0 in credit card transaction fees, meaning you can earn credit card rewards points redeemable for free gift cards just by paying your utilities.

Plus, you get a free $20 Amazon gift card for just simply connecting your utility bill which takes 2 minutes (not bad!).

But that’s not all.

Once you make an account, Arcadia Power does a ton of other stuff for you.

Help the planet and snag a free $20 Amazon gift card with Arcadia Power.

Swagbucks ($10 Signup Bonus)



Swagbucks is one of the most renowned rewards apps out there, and for good reason.

Users can complete surveys, watch videos, play games, and browse the web from their computer or mobile device to rack up Swagbucks. Once a user earns enough they can cash out their Swagbucks for gift cards to a variety of large store chains at a rate of 100 Swagbucks per US dollar.

Swagbucks itself also constantly runs discounts on its redeemable gift card, meaning you could save a few of your Swagbucks when you redeem if your favorite store has a discounted gift card available.

With all these rewards and a $10 signup bonus, you can’t go wrong with Swagbucks. It pays out 7,000 gift cards each day!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie isn’t your ordinary survey rewards app. Once you create a profile,  Survey Junkie analyzes your profile information to and matches you with surveys that fit with your background information instead of giving you a ton of surveys you might not be cut out for.

It’s easy: just hop on the app, pick a survey, and answer as honestly as possible! After all, these surveys are tailored to you.

Because you’re matched with more specific surveys, the potential rewards are much higher for each survey you complete.

Each point is equal to 1 cent; once you reach at least 1,000 points, you can cash out for either cash or some nice online gift cards.

Survey Junkie is a great method for making your voice heard while earning free gift cards online. Read our full Survey Junkie review here.

MyPoints ($10 Signup Bonus)



MyPoints is another great online platform for earning points while shopping.

No need to head into the store; with thousands of stores available on Mypoints, shoppers can sit back and earn from the comfort of their own homes.

They’re constantly changing their deals around, so timing purchases right could result in even more points.

In addition to the shopping opportunities, Mypoints users can take surveys, play video games, or watch videos to top off their earnings. MyPoints members have been awarded over $236 million in Gift Cards and PayPal Cash.

Their referral program is pretty good, too. Once your referred friend spends at least $20 on a purchase within 30 days of signing up, you get 750 points and your friend gets 1,750.

Users can redeem their hard-earned points for free gift cards to all sorts of places like department stores, restaurants, airlines, and more.

Sign up for Mypoints now and earn rewards for things you’d do anyway.


Ibotta app


Ibotta rewards you for showing them receipts of your purchases. It has already paid $500,000,000 in cash back to its users.

On their app, they’re constantly updating their cash back offers. Just pick one, buy the item(s) that the offer entails, then snap a photo of your receipt and send it in-app to Ibotta.

There are all sorts of offers, from cash back on your weekly grocery trips to rewards for Apple Music purchases.

If you’re enrolled in a loyalty program with one of Ibotta’s partner stores, Ibotta will let you link your loyalty account for even more earnings.

So save all your receipts, because Ibotta wants to pay you for pictures of them!




On Shopkick, you can rack up “kicks” and redeem them for free gift cards to your favorite places.

You can earn these points at all stages of the shopping experience. For example, you can earn points for actual purchases made in-store or online with your linked credit card. However, you can also earn points just by visiting certain stores either physically or digitally.

For some items, all you have to do is scan the bar code with your phone and you’ll be rewarded with some “kicks.” For others, you might need to submit a picture of your receipt. On online stores, you can even earn points just for looking at items.

All these ways to earn kicks makes it easy to get free gift cards online. In fact, Shopkick claims you could earn your first gift card within a week of signing up!

So, sign up for Shopkick to maximize your shopping rewards.

Ohmconnect (Texas, California, and Toronto Residents Only)



Ohmconnect is helping to reduce energy usage by offering you free gift cards for energy-efficient practices.

Here’s how it works: during peak energy-use times (weeknight evenings), Ohmconnect forecasts how much energy they think you’ll use. If you can keep your usage under that forecast, you’re rewarded with points that can be used for either cash, gift cards, or other rewards.

If you can consistently beat Ohmconnect’s forecast, you’ll earn even more points in the form of streak bonuses. Status bonuses are also available if you can hit a certain energy usage per hour.

Ohmconnect is currently available only in Texas, California, and Toronto, but they will definitely expand into other markets as sustainability and energy efficiency grow in importance.

If you live in Texas, California, or Toronto, sign up to Ohmconnect today to start saving money AND earning free gift cards.


Paribus app


Paribus is a unique, pro-consumer concept; they’ll pay you if something you bought dropped in price after you bought it.

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is sign up for a Paribus account, link your cards, then shop like normal. Paribus will monitor your confirmation emails and track the prices on items you recently purchased. If they find that the price dropped, they’ll pay you the difference.

Similarly, they’ll pay you if your Amazon delivery runs late. They’ll even notify you of better hotel rates if you recently booked a trip so you can rebook and save money.

You can then get some gift cards with all of the money you saved.

Protect yourself from price changes with Paribus.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links provided.

PointClub ($2 Signup Bonus)



PointClub offers tons of free gift cards, and there are a lot of ways to get them.

Their primary method is online surveys. These surveys can last between 5 and 30 minutes, and each one could net you up to (each point is worth 0.1 cents).

Another method is their daily 10,000 point giveaways that require almost no effort on your part.

PointsClub supplements these earning methods with weekly polls, videos, contests, and more.

To give you a head start, PointClub will award you 2,000 points just for making an account: 500 for joining, 1,000 for email confirmation, and 500 for completing your profile.

Vindale Research ($1 Signup Bonus)

Vindale Research

Vindale Research

Boasting user earnings of almost $8 million, Vindale Research is a survey-taking site with great earning potential.

Vindale adds hundreds of surveys each day. They’ll match you with specific surveys based on the info you give them. Since the surveys are tailored to you, they’re actually kind of fun to complete independent of the monetary reward.

Surveys span a wide variety of topics: automobiles, tech, travel, politics, home improvement, and more.

Payouts also span a wide range: many surveys will pay you $10 or even more!

They offer many other ways to supplement your earnings, like referring friends, opening emails, and even submitting a photo of you with your Vindale check.

There aren’t points, either: Vindale pays you in cold, hard cash via check or PayPal. Although you can’t directly redeem points for free gift cards, you can use your “free” money to go get yourself a gift card.

Sign up with Vindale Research today and they’ll throw you an extra dollar.

Pinecone Research

pinecone research

Pinecone Research

Want to earn gift cards while influencing what new products hit the market? Pinecone Research lets you do that.

Rather than making you log in to take surveys, Pinecone will email them to you. All you need to do is keep those email notifications on.

Sometimes, Pinecone will send you an actual product to test. Not bad, especially since you’re getting paid to do it.

Users get paid $3 per completed survey! Upon cashing out, you can opt for either electronic or physical gift cards.

Join Pinecone Research today and earn free gift cards while making your voice heard in the world of commerce.

Opinion Square

Opinion Square

Opinion Square

Want to earn free gift cards while speaking your mind? Opinion Square lets you do that.

They’ll give you software that tracks your internet search; they use this data to send you relevant surveys that you can complete to earn points.

After being an Opinion Square member for a while, you might get additional special surveys sent to you as a “thank you” from Opinion Square.

All you have to do is take the surveys and rack up points – which you can redeem for valuable prizes and cash. Opinion Square provides a list of thousands of reward offerings, including plenty of gift cards and even things like electronics.

Oh, and they give out $100,000 every month, split up among a few lucky monthly winners. That could be you if you sign up for Opinion Square.




OneOpinion is a consumer-focused market research firm that wants to pay you for your opinions on a variety of products.

They work very hard to match you with interesting, impactful surveys that’ll get you paid.

Also, they’re all about speed. As soon as you click “submit” on a survey, points are instantly credited to your account.

Their customer service is pretty good too. If you have any issues, they’ll be happy to help.

It only takes a minute to sign up for OneOpinion; you could be earning free gift cards in only 60 seconds!

E-Poll Surveys

E-Poll surveys


Big fan of entertainment? E-Poll Surveys will pay you for your opinions.

Every time you complete a survey they email you, they pay you in points. To receive as many surveys as possible, they recommend periodically updating your profile so they know you’re active.

If you meet their system requirements, they’ll send you video surveys to supplement the text-based surveys.

When you’re ready to redeem your points, you have a nice selection of electronic gift cards to choose from. Some names include Amazon, Best Buy, and Starbucks.

Get paid to express yourself with E-Poll Surveys.

Free Gift Cards Aren’t So Hard to Get After All

Some of these methods will earn you some free gift cards almost completely passively. For example, you’re going to grocery shop no matter what; might as well earn some additional rewards.

Of course, some of these methods take a bit of effort. Most people won’t go out of their way to take a survey if there isn’t some compensation at the end.

Even then, you can do a survey or watch a video from anywhere you want while barely paying attention.

Stuck on a bus? Do a survey.

Favorite show took a commercial break? Do a survey.

Whether you’re rewarded for shopping or sharing your opinion, it’s never been easier to score some free gift cards online.