Get Over That Nasty Hangover With Sober Up Shot


Ugh, not a hangover. That feeling when you wake up from a kick-ass night of partying feeling like somebody shit in your mouth and ran over you with a truck. If you’re lucky you remember the greatest moments from your evening of indulgence and have forgotten the more regrettable escapades. What really sucks is if you’ve woken up feeling like the living dead and you didn’t even have much fun. Remember never to mix spiced rum with tequila again.

Now what to do? Lay in bed all day with a pillow over your head, hoping to sleep through the nausea? Go ahead and upchuck, puking the night’s remnants out of your system? Drinks as much water as your can force down your throat? Or even try a little hair of the dog? Wasn’t there still some vodka and OJ left?

No more must we suffer through the agonies associated with hangovers, according to the makers of a new shot. Not another shot, you might say. Isn’t that what got us in trouble in the first place? Not this time. The Sober Up shot is touted as a true detoxifier that restores mental clarity and can prevent and cure hangovers.

According to Equilibrium Labs, LLC, the Sober Up shot contains a propriety blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help flush toxins from the liver and restore balance to the body. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, coloring or preservatives.

So for just $10 a pop—Sober Up is sold in three-packs for $30—you can stick a secret weapon in your pocket next time you hit the bar scene. Maybe drink it halfway through the night and amaze your friends as you remain completely steady while they fall all over themselves—and the floor. Or hang on to it until you get home, slam the Sober Up shot and wake up rejuvenated in the morning. Sign me up.

Does it work? Who knows. There’s a few testimonials on Sober Up’s Facebook page, but everyone knows you never trust a profile. A DudeIWantThat blogger claimed to try the Sober Up shot in a focus group with a couple of drunks, and vouched for the product’s assessments, adding that it tasted like Ricola cough drops dipped in soy sauce, but it was easy enough to down.