Girlfriend’s Hilariously Evil Revenge Prank Involves Pepper-Sprayed Toilet Paper, And It Burns (Video)

Polish duo the Viral Brothers are making a career out of pranking people — but what happens when one of their victims decides to get revenge? Well, apparently it involves pepper spray and toilet paper.

In this video, Cenek’s girlfriend Lenka decides she’s sick of his pranks on her, so she decides to go for all-out revenge by not only pepper spraying his roll of toilet paper, but also pepper-spraying the ice she gives him to soothe the burning after he uses said toilet paper.

Demonstrating a principle most people already know, it appears that putting pepper spray on one’s ass is extremely painful — so much so that it might cause you to crawl into a closet and attempt to curl up and die.

If you’re wondering what prank could possibly deserve retaliation like this, however, check out the video below, in which Cenek makes his girlfriend think that he’s cheating on her. So which is worse: Pepper spray in the ass or fake cheating? The world may never have an answer to this burning question.